Solar Grounding Screw

Solar Grounding Screw
Product Details

Brief Introduction
MRac Ground Screw is specially developed for the maximum flexibility in designing for both residential and commercial solar mounting system, which can be applied to various soil conditions and/or can be customized according to Clients’ specific requirements.
1、Quality Guaranteed: Treated with a layer of zinc, ground screw enjoys a longer life span with better corrosion resistance.
2、Versatile mechanical innovation: Unique structural design ensures a much better pull-out and load bearing capacity.
3、Quick Installation: Highly pre-assembled structures with minimal components and the adaption of hydraulic pile hammer ensure a quicker and easier installation with less labour cost, which takes 2 minutes on average only to ram a ground screw.
4、Environmental- friendly application: Compared with concrete bases, ground screws can be fully recyclable and cost effective, while produce little waste and can easily be removed