solar panel mounting rack Q235 Solar Bracket

Q235 Solar Bracket
Product Details

This solar bracket is made of Q235B and has galvanized coating which can resist high corrosion. This solar bracket system works for large scale rooftop and ground site PV installation. Worked with concrete bases, the solar can meet your specific requirements. This galvanized steel bracket delivers a elegant appearance without damage to your rooftop and keep reliable structural strength when fixed onto the concrete bases.  


1.  Versatile Application: Can be installed on various existing rooftop and open field, highly customized;

2.  Good Compatibility: System is compatible with most of the major framed and frameless PV panels in the market, align panels for optimization;

3.  Easy Installation: The practical and economical design of MRac Ground Terrace I makes it time and cost effective;

4.  High Quality: Optimized structure design; Supreme corrosion resistance ability;

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