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Mibet Energy Sponsor For Experience Exchange Platform On Brand Management

Until now, China was always attached the label of “Made in China”. We all know that “Made in China” cannot make a powerful China. However, only “Managed in China” can manage a powerful China. The roadway leading to “Managed in China” is to manage our own brand. 


Along with the promotion of economic development, more and more companies realized the importance of create own brands. Those brands well known by us, like Apple of USA、Panasonic of Japan、Samsung of Korea. They gain higher proportion of market share and great successful after manage their brands. On the contrary, Jianlibao, the Chinese brand which was famous and called “Chinese magic water”, was nearly collapsed because of the lack of management on its brand.


China has offered many commercial TV programs that had been talking about brand management among which Business Analects (财智论语), a TV program on CCTV, is one of the most outstanding programs, in the topics include entrepreneurs’ interview、comments and artwork. Interpenetrated with business cases、 business wisdom and culture, showed the spirits of business elites and the business civilization. The guests in Business Analects (财智论语) talk about the classic cases with humorous analysis、foresight on market trend、sense of contemporary and convincing viewpoints on the relationship between men and the society. Explore the relationship between business management and Chinese culture and reflect the remarkable Chinese factors on the business operation. This program could bring enlightenmentfor Chinese companies and may help the entrepreneurs to avoid tragedies in business operation.


As a mirror for the operation, and as a choice to study with others companies. Mibet Energy sponsors this program and shares the platform of communication of good experience about managing a brand with the other companies. Mibet Energy always emphasize the management of a brand、do much research to create a outstanding brand by improving technologies and services, which bring Mibet Energy the recognition of whole PV industry. Mibet Energy also took social responsibility to render the recognition. Mibet Energy will make more contribution to a more favorable business environment.