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Mibet Energy Provides Mrac Roof-on Mounting Systems In A Villa District In Nanjing

Recently, Mibet Energy provided Roof-on mounting system for a villa district in Nanjing, Jiangsu, China. The picture above shows one of the villa roofs. Mibet Energy customized a set of mounting system after considering the strength of the roof and the hope of the villa owner, which is extending the PV mounting system to the tiles outside of the concrete roof for keeping the elegant external appearance. 


Comparing with the other aluminums products of Mibet Energy, this mounting system adopts the high-quality hot dip galvanized steel material which is more cost-effective. Furthermore, the plum-blossom-shape holes on the beams are not only benefiting to adjust the location of bolts connecting to beams on site, but also guaranteeing the stability of fixed bolts.


Mibet Energy could always take the conditions in the installation site and the requirement of customers into account to make the optimized PV mounting solutions that reflects its innovative corporate culture and its business philosophy that the service is paramount. Mibet Energy will continuously meet all challenges, and improve service quality to design the best solution and make greater effort to fulfill all the requirements of customers in the future.