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Mibet Energy Provides Customized Mounting Products For 200KW Roof Project.

On 6th November, the 200KW Xiamen solar Roof project, with mounting brackets provided by Mibet Energy, was reported to have successfully implemented its plan in the first phase.


Rigious structure design, strictly manufactured brackets, considerate packing & shipping services and timely aftersale services, all these factors ensure the successful implements of every project that we Mibet Energy serviced.


Our customized mounting system ensures you with high quality material to resist from wind, snow and any other corrosive factors. All our components are well anodized without leaving any section or corner exposed; extreme thick hot-dipped galvanization, stainless steel and anti-corrosive process help you to get rid of future quality headache while ensuring a long life-span.


No matter wherever you’re planning to set up your project, and whatever your requirement comes out, you can find it exactly here in Mibet Energy whenever you want.