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Mibet Energy Is Awarded The Top 14 Of Chinese Solar Mounting System Companies 2014

On April 16, the Investment and Financing Forum 2014 on PV Power Plants & Top 20 Companies Press Conference 2014 on PV Power Plants was held in Jingxi Hotel, Beijing. The leaders of the relative departments of Chinese National Energy Administration, China Development Bank and 89 New Energy Demonstration Cities (industrial parks) also attended the forum. As one of the best companies in PV industry, Mibet Energy was also invited in the event.


The year of 2013 is regarded as the “first year of PV policies” for PV power plant in China. In 2013, Chinese government released a series of policies to promote the development of PV industry, including stipulating the subsidy policy and implementation regulations, which reveal a promising blossom period of Chinese PV industry. Moreover, the year of 2014 will be the “first year of construction”, the installed capacity will be 14GW (including 8GW of distributed PV generation), and the construction fund will exceed 140 billion yuan, which will lead China to be an emerging leading country of solar PV utilization.


As a promising company, Mibet Energy developed rapidly in this industrial background, participated the construction of PV power plant with great passion and then recognized by the whole PV industry. In the Top 20 Companies Press Conference 2014, Mibet Energy was listed in the “Top 20” and rank 14 eventually.



This award is not only the recognition to the effort of Mibet Energy, but also an encouragement. In the future operation, Mibet Energy will meet the expectation from the government leaders and other companies of PV industry, devote itself to the construction of PV power plants, and be more helpful to generate more clean power for our planet and people.