Solar water heater industry to accelerate the reshuffle

"Energy-saving appliances subsidies" fully implemented and the implementation of the price ladder is just encourage people to change consumer attitudes. More and more consumers began to consider the elimination of old appliances, replacement of energy-saving appliances. Among them, the air conditioning and electric water heater has become the first choice replacement.

Tilt to clean energy subsidies

With electric water heater, for example, according to a family of three with an average daily pot of water (60 liters), is a day of power consumption is about 3 degrees, down more than a year is 1,000 degrees. In fact, with the use of hot water in order to ensure there are many families in the water heater are perennial power, actual power consumption will be higher. If you press the 200 kWh per month into the class fees, then an electric water heater will take up half of the conventional electricity costs.

From the Ministry of Finance, the National Development and Reform Commission issued the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology recently energy efficient home refrigerators, air conditioners, water heaters, see the implementation details of subsidies, energy efficient refrigerators subsidy standard of 70 yuan / Taiwan ~ 400 yuan / Taiwan; inverter air conditioner subsidy standards 240 yuan / Taiwan ~ 400 yuan / Taiwan; gas water heater and gas stove for heating and hot water 200 yuan to 400 yuan / sets, solar water heater subsidy standard of 100 yuan to 550 yuan / sets, not only the water heater is not in the scope of energy subsidies, the highest energy efficiency solar water heaters are also higher than the level of subsidy standard refrigerator, gas water heaters, household appliances and other traditional industries.

Thus, solar experts assert, the state of solar water heaters, as the representative of clean energy appliances tilt and support has been very clear, the higher the energy efficiency rating, the more subsidies received. According to "domestic solar hot water system efficiency limit value and energy efficiency rating of" national standards, only to reach a solar water heater or two in order to obtain the relevant subsidies, while the same model an energy-efficient products will get a subsidy ceiling amount.

And "home appliances", "TM" is different from the qualification to participate in the first round of subsidies for energy-saving solar declare more than 200 companies, only 20 eventually be nominated.

Will accelerate the solar industry reshuffle

For 90% of unsuccessful businesses, in addition to the tight schedule, ready to rush outside and other reasons, it is important that the energy subsidies for household electrical appliance enterprises to set a more rigorous review mechanisms and barriers to entry, in addition to the reporting enterprise technology to achieve national energy efficiency grade, the annual sales capacity as the audit criteria, if nominated within a year period sales of 50,000 units or less, businesses will not get the follow-up of financial subsidies.

Some experts expect: "The implementation of energy efficiency standards will eliminate 15% to 20% of the inefficient, low-energy solar energy products, the industry reshuffle is inevitable.

Concerned that the price ladder has launched civil and industrial electricity prices fall too far off the ladder. When the ladder to become energy consumer spending trends, green consumption will follow the raging tide.