Solar Electric Professional Development Committee was established to boost industry

Recently, the China Household Electrical Appliances Association Professional Committee of Solar Electric was established in Beijing.

It is reported that the scale of the solar industry in China has been ranked first in the world, is the largest country in the global production and use of solar water heaters, followed also important national policies producer of solar photovoltaic cells, home appliances, energy-saving products that benefit projects become a thermal solar energy industry development boosters. Commerce Department data show that in 2011, the national home appliances water heater sales grew more than 10%, which is the product of the rapid growth of nine categories of products, of which, about two-thirds of the water heater solar water heater, which proved Policy for obvious role in promoting the development of the industry.

Jiang Feng China Household Electrical Appliances Association, said: "Although the Chinese solar thermal market is better, but the company is also facing some difficulties, such as industrial concentration is low; the uneven level of enterprise development, the majority of R & D investment is inadequate; public concern about the products is not high, and urban construction difficulties matching, marketing and after-sales service system is not perfect. "

"China's solar fleet in 2011 has reached 217 million square meters, production and new accounts for 81% of the world total. In the just-released Solar" Twelfth Five-Year Plan ", in 2015 China's solar water heater will achieve ownership 1.2 billion square meters this year, solar water heaters into the energy-saving projects, renewable energy development has played a positive role in promoting. "at the meeting, for the development of China's solar thermal industry, the National energy Board at the new Energy new energy Division Li made the above statements.

"The establishment of China Household Electrical Appliances Association Professional Committee of Solar Electric has an important significance to promote the sustainable development of China's solar energy industry." Li said, "foreign civilian solar water heater is not much, but in the large-scale industrial projects in the field of application is very central heating general, technical content is also high. the next step is to focus on our work to accelerate the improvement of the standard system, by refrigeration, heating and other projects in the field of solar energy for hot open up a bigger market. "

"However, to promote the development of more large-scale solar thermal is also facing some problems." Li said, China's solar water heater industry is also widely exist behind the production environment, serious homogenization of competition, technological level, market supervision and service system is not improvement and other issues, the future government will focus on upgrading from technology, expanding market applications, such as work areas.

"On the technical side, to encourage enterprises to carry out research and development, the development of solar technology to accelerate the development of high-temperature solar collector technology, especially to strengthen the development of solar energy systems. In the future, the National Energy Board to develop solar thermal scope into support for enterprises to provide part or all of the R & D funding. increase productivity, eliminate backward production equipment, the introduction of advanced technology, to create the world's leading management system and production lines, and actively promote the development of enterprises in the market applications, the scope of future solar thermal utilization should be traditional the family applied to engineering application development, which is the solar 'second five' plan to focus on the direction you want to speed up the convergence of domestic and international product certification, strict market access mechanism, at the right time to implement solar thermal mandatory certification and testing system. "Li said.