Solar become "mainstream energy" is the trend

Solar energy is the most common energy sources in nature, can be said to be an inexhaustible supply of energy. From the point of view of the universe, the sun gave birth to the human race, gave birth to the entire solar planet, all human society has almost all of them directly or indirectly from the sun.

Solar energy is extremely rich, which is equivalent to the total amount of resources of all energy used by mankind now ten thousand times, a huge resource potential. If human society can take full advantage of solar energy, then the world's energy problems will no longer be a problem, whereby humans may be able to bid farewell to the energy crisis.

Earth's surface in the sun's radiant energy every day, there are a variety of ways to use solar energy, for example, can be directly converted into heat energy through the photoelectric effect directly into electricity through a chemical reaction to store thermal energy, through photochemical directly into electricity, and so on.

Currently, the development and utilization of solar energy are already visible, household solar water heaters. Many high-tech rapid development of solar energy, including the development of photovoltaic technology began to be used photoelectric conversion quickly, which inject strong vitality and energy supply for the world market, might lead mankind out of the energy crisis, and from high-carbon economy to a low carbon economy.

Photovoltaic solar modules is the use of solar energy directly into electricity, has converted part of a small, good resource base, high energy quality, short construction period and environmentally friendly, and many other advantages. Currently, the photovoltaic power generation is mainly used to provide power for the occasion without electricity, the production of solar household electronic products and grid power generation.

Although solar energy has obvious advantages, but there remain obstacles to development of solar energy. First, the energy density is too low, is not conducive to large-scale centralized use; the second is vulnerable terrain, season, sunshine duration and other factors.

However, both from a techn