Corrugated Roof Solar Racking

Corrugated Roof Solar Racking
Product Details

Corrugated Roof Solar Racking - Standing Seam Cladding Mounting System

Brief Introduction

MRac Seppan-Clip is a fixture specially developed for the maximum flexibility in designing for standing seam cladding roof. Using our patented components, the panels can be freely installed on almost all even and sloping surfaces for standing seam panel. The system is also impressive coz of its top-quality material, high compatibility and overall concept.

By this fixture, the panels can be installed with or without rails.


1. Quick Installation: Quick and easy installation is promised due to our patented Cross-module, rail and roof hooks.  

2. Versatile Mechanical Innovation: Roof fixtures are available for most types of standing seam roofs, besides, flexible for low, medium and heavy snow load installation area. 

3. Quality Guarantee: Strict QC offers more reliable solutions with a quite long life span.